Trajectories 2015 Exhibition Design

For the Temporary Art Centre, Dutch Design Week 2015


TAC invited Truly Truly to devise a concept for their group exhibition that was focused on looking to the future in design. Truly Truly chose ‘Trajectories: future pathways in design’ as the name for the exhibition, to represent the idea of different groups, each moving forward on their unique paths into the future. Lights hanging in between layers of white mesh made pathways, and held signage, while dividing and directing visitors through the space. Being careful not to overpower the works on display, they created a light, clean and subtly futuristic space. LED tubes were chosen so that after the exhibition, the TAC building could transition to bulbs with a life expectancy of 50,000 burning hours, saving up to 70% in terms of energy consumption.


Exhibition concept & space design. Exhibition space 1400m2

Low watt LED tubes by Lysno, Mesh, Steel
With thanks to Lysno.



Studio Truly Truly

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