Exhibition Design for Rakumba, Cologne 2018

IMM Cologne, 2018


Rakumba invited Truly Truly to design their exhibition space for IMM Cologne 2018, where they were launching the new 'Typography' lighting system. Truly Truly designed an immersive space built of layers of fringe that resulted in a softly moving, glowing, ethereal volume. The fringed 'wall' achieved internal and external display areas, while its 'hide & reveal' quality generated intrigue and interaction. An internal layer of rich yellow fringe was chosen to compliment the warm tone of the lighting within. The yellow showed through the compounding layers of white fringing, creating a play on transparency, opacity and light.


Exhibition concept & space design. Exhibition space 40m2

Layers of textile fringing

View 'Typography' lighting system






Studio Truly Truly

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