Fond Family of Chairs

Prototypes, 2018


Fond is characterised by a contrast of soft curved wood and geometric planes of supporting aluminium. The two juxtaposed material forms are married by sweet, curved connecting details. The Fond family consists of a chair, counter stool, low stool and bench explored in different finishes - natural ash & aluminium, as well as entirely black. Comfort has been carefully included via the angle and sculpting of the wood. The elongated profile of the aluminium legs produces varied silhouettes. In contrast to its bold proportions, the chair is stackable. Fond meshes together in one object industrial geometry and crafted natural material. The result is a new form, born of a material marriage. A balance of sweetness and the industrial.


Chair / Counter Stool / Low Stool / Bench

Ash wood & aluminium / Painted ash wood & powdercoated aluminium

Also prototyped in a special coloured version of painted ash wood & anodised aluminium


Studio Truly Truly

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