Advanced Relics Exhibition Design

For Dutch Invertuals, 2016


For their 2016 group exhibition in Milan, Dutch Invertuals asked participants Truly Truly to design the exhibition space. The exhibition was titled 'Advanced Relics'. Meditating on new rituals, new meaning and understanding, the designers represented and manifested these themes in future relics. The monumental columns, referencing meaningful landmarks from past civilizations, were created to stimulate a feeling of awe and wonder in the space. Part looking back, part looking forward, an abstract pattern covers the pillars, radiating and shifting - a nod to the ever-increasing digital fabric surrounding us.


Exhibition space of 250m2, 3m printed pillars, plaster blocks.

Dutch Invertuals Founder/Curator: Wendy plomp. Invertuals: Studio TrulyTruly, Bastiaan de Nennie, Carlo Lorenzetti, Daniel de Bruin, Edhv, Hongjie Yang, Martina Lasinger, Nel Verbeke, Tijmen Smeulders.


Photography: Ruy Teixeira


Studio Truly Truly

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