Dutch Exhibitor Ribbons

For Northmodern, 2016.


To highlight the Dutch exhibitors throughout the fair, Northmodern Copenhagen invited Truly Truly to devise an interesting signifier that could double as a way-finding system. Aware that anything too eye-catching would draw attention away from the exhibitor’s stands, it was important to Truly Truly to find a subtle solution. Inspired by the way that people pin a small ribbon to their shirt as a subtle way to show they are supporting a cause, Truly Truly came up with the idea of an ’exhibitor ribbon’ that could be positioned just outside each exhibitor’s space. The resulting object is a hanging light sculpture composed of curled ribbons of mesh covered in a repeating pattern of the words ‘dutch exhibitor’ in small. The design operates on two levels - it is identifiable from a distance while being subtle enough that people need to come close to read the text.


Commissioned by Northmodern for the August 2016 edition.

White mesh, coated steel & LED.

36 x 27 x 140 cm


Studio Truly Truly

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