Translation Throw for the TextielMuseum
Mentored by Hella Jongerius

A translation from traditional
hand-knitting stitches
to hazy textures & volume.

Translation Throw for the TextielMuseum
Mentored by Hella Jongerius

This throw is the result of a research project with the TextielMuseum, mentored by Hella Jongerius.


Starting with the fine-knitting machine presented the challenge of achieving a thickness suitable for a cosy throw. To create volume
and varied textures in the knit, Truly Truly translated hand-knitting techniques into new stitch formations that could be machine knitted.
In doing this, they became fascinated with the way translation
can be open to interpretation and produce unexpected variances.
This inspired the hazy abstract graphic that warps and shifts across the throw.


Truly Truly were invited to take part in this project by the TextielMuseum along with designer Simone Post. The resulting throws are being launched at Dutch Design Week 2015 and are the first knitted products to be included in the museum's 'by TextielMuseum' label and store.



Project Details



148cm x 115cm



30% Mohair / 70% Merino wool



Fine knitting, 1x1 needles

Custom designed knit structures



Red-Fuchsia  /  Navy-Black  /  Off-White-Acid





Photography by Josefina Eikenaar / TextielMuseum