Trajectories Exhibition Design
Dutch Design Week 2015

Trajectory: The path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time.

Trajectories Exhibition Design, Dutch Design Week 2015

Exhbition space & concept for the TAC building, Eindhoven


For DDW 2015, TAC explained that they would be presenting
a mixed bag of exhibitors that could all be gathered under the theme ‘future’ - future designers, future regions and future themes in design. This was not the typical high-tech, robots kind of future, but more
to do with raw creativity and how design ideas can shape what happens next.


A trajectory shows where something is heading. Truly Truly chose ‘Trajectories: future pathways in design’ as the name for the exhibition, to represent the idea of different groups, each moving forward on their unique paths into the future.


To carry this idea through to the exhibition space, a lighting feature was developed that would act like a movement through time and space. Its purpose was to create atmosphere at the same time as dividing and directing people through the space. Lights hanging in between layers of white mesh make pathways, while the layers of mesh create a moiré effect. Overall, the desire was for the space to feel very light, clean and subtly futuristic. It was important that it wouldn’t overpower the works on display.


The design for the signage allowed the information to look like it was floating amidst the layers of mesh.


While creating a big impact for a temporary event in a large space,
it was also important to try to minimise wasteful use of materials.
All of the materials, except for the information panels, can be easily separated and re-used. The exhibition uses what looks like TL tubes, but are actually Lysno LED tubes designed to replace old TL bulbs. These were donated by Lysno so that after the exhibition, the TAC building could transition to bulbs with a life expectancy of 50,000 burning hours, saving up to 70% in terms of energy consumption.



Project Details


Exhibition space:




Low watt LED tubes by Lysno, Mesh, Steel