Touch Light

In their quest for new expressions within the spectrum of the
man-made and the natural, Truly Truly worked with the Netherlands National Glass Museum to experiment with a novel and unusual method of casting glass. They built a spherical outer-mould holding
48 adjustable pins, positioned in a grid around the sphere.


The dynamic mould becomes a suggestive architecture; it allows
the designers to influence the glass with a gentle touch. This unique production process emphasises the expressive beauty of glass’s natural blown form, while allowing an element of control.


The designer and the glass engage in a co-creation in which forces
of nature collide with human intervention. The resulting unreal and morphed shapes give full expression to the inherent properties of blown glass: tension, expansion, elasticity, gravity and fluidity.
The Touch collection consists of three shade variations: Touch 12, Touch 9 & Touch 3, each blown in a range of colours.



Project Details


Touch 12 diameter 36cm

Touch 9 diameter 27cm

Touch 3 diameter 27cm



Blown glass



Alexander Popelier



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