Seismic Mesh

Seismic Mesh


Seismic mesh is one half of a collection of spatial concepts inspired by the movement and vibrations that occur in an earthquake.

The mesh creates a three-dimensional lace in the air. Wall structures created with the mesh are filters. They can designate or define an implied border, but also allow through sound, breeze and image. What is behind can still be seen through the mesh as it blends in with its surroundings while creating a subtle division within a space.



Seismic Collection


'Seismic' is a collection of two spatial concepts that celebrate discordance and order within the same object. This is explored by mimicking seismic earth recordings and placing pattern against the pattern itself. Both pattern and chaos are generated by the repetition and control of individual modules. The effect of this is horizontal
visual vibrations.

The collection comprises a three-dimensional wire mesh system and a wooden tile covering. These modular systems can be used
to create spatial dividers, partitions and surface coverings that lie
in the area between architecture and furniture. The resulting objects accentuate repetition, colour-use and compounding depth; an effect designed to impact the experience of a space.



Project Details




Powdercoated steel