Seismic Collection

Woven metal structures reveal visual static or harmony depending on the angle of view.

Seismic Collection

This collection of objects was inspired by the movement and vibrations that occur in an earthquake. Three-dimensional bent and woven metal wires create a strong and dynamic structure. A range of rhythmic
and geometric patterns can be discovered, when viewed from
different angles.

Part of Truly Truly's 'Particles & Frequencies' exhibition for Dutch Design Week 2014, the collection comprises three objects: a detailed table, a low table and a wall sculpture. They are limited edition,
hand-made objects.

The tables are available at Frozen Fountain Amsterdam or order
by email here.



Project Details:


'Detailed Seismic Table' - 860mm x 760mm x 360mm

'Low Seismic Table' - 1100mm x 1260mm x 350mm



Hand-woven steel, welded at each bend, with a polyester coating and hardened glass top.


The Detailed Seismic Table is made of 1,180 bends. There is only ever one detailed table produced per colour-way.
Hand-made in the Netherlands.