IKEA-PS 2017 Sofa

IKEA-PS 2017 Sofa


An innovative, deconstructed sofa that allows comfort to be added separate to the frame. Studio Truly Truly researched and re-imagined the typical sofa by exaggerating comfort into an expressive element. Manipulating standard cushions, they developed a form reminiscent
of a fluffy cloud. People can attach standard 50cm cushions of their own choice to a minimal metal frame, and if they wish, join two frames together to form a full sofa. The frame is sold separate to the cushions opening up the possibility for people to create a unique, personalised sofa and giving the sofa a longer life-span because it can be easily updated or adapted. This flexibility of character and function allows the sofa to remain relevant for the user - a kind of future proofing - while the separable parts are easily reused or recycled.


Designed for IKEA-PS 2017



Project Details


Single half 90 x 94 x 75cm high

Double full 180 x 94 x 75cm high



Coated steel frame, standard 50cm cushions & elastic straps.