Precise Disorder Lights

In the process of making the 'Levity' lighting series of flexible, looped LEDs, Truly Truly became fascinated with the industrial braiding machinery that produces the light's textile exterior. The heavy, large-scale machinery, operating with precision and at times tangles of thread, inspired further exploration.


For the group exhibition Envisions, focussed on products in process, the choice was made to look at the possibility of the design process being non-linear. Taking a step back to an early phase in the design of the Levity light, provided a springboard to move forward in different directions. Where the original outcome was Levity’s refined and sleek appearance, the new approach was more free and loose, embracing the moments of organised mess witnessed in the industrial production of the textile. Truly Truly this time played around with the range of patterns possible to produce in the textile and completely re-imagined the materiality and form. The bold, brutalist forms of the machine itself also inspired the forms of the sculptural clay and textile lights.


Created for the Envisions group exhibition, 'Products in Process' which showed in Milan 2016.



Project Details



Spool (floor standing) 55cm diameter x 45cm high

Feed (hanging) 36cm diameter x 18cm deep x 120cm high
Box (floor standing) 29cm wide x 37cm deep x 55cm high



Woven textile, flexible LED tube, ceramic.