Precise Disorder

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In the process of making the 'Levity' flexible, looped LEDs, Truly Truly became fascinated with the industrial braiding machinery that produces the light's textile exterior. The heavy, large-scale machinery, operating with precision and at times tangles of thread, inspired further exploration. Taking a step back to an early phase in the design of the Levity light, provided a springboard to move forward in a more free and loose direction, embracing the moments of organised mess witnessed in the industrial production of the textile. The bold, brutalist forms of the machine itself inspired the forms of the sculptural clay and textile lights.


Created for the Envisions group exhibition, 'Products in Process' Milan 2016.

Woven textile, flexible LED tube, ceramic.

Spool (floor standing) 55 diameter x 45 cm

Feed (hanging) 36 diameter x 18  x 120 cm
Box (floor standing) 29 x 37 x 55 cm


Studio Truly Truly

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