Particles & Frequencies Exhibition – Dutch Design Week 2014

Meta-Matter Explode Light

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Free Radicals

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An exhibition celebrating the irregular & anti-static.

A daily performance -
!!! free radicals interfere with the space!!!

Particles & Frequencies

For this exhibition, Truly Truly was fascinated with the hidden forces
& tiny components that inhabit our everyday lives. Microscopic biology, synapses, technological radiation. We know our bodies use energy but what does this energy look like?

In ‘Particles & Frequencies’, Truly Truly amplified the out-of-sight
by giving it a high-energy visual presence. The result was a universe filled with visually vibrating furniture & sculptural lighting.

The anti-static theme continued in a series of ceremonies performed by uniformed 'Free Radicals' who cut apart the Meta-Matter Explode light over the course of the week.



Project Details


Light installation & furniture pieces.





With thanks to M-Ring Coating & De Bende.